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                Paint Enhancement Detail

By far my most popular service. This detail concentrates breathing new life into your vehicles paintwork. Removing a number of swirl marks, light scratches, fading and bird etching, this will produce your vehicles bodywork with a lushs glossy wet finish along with more protection. This is how a vehicle should look brand new and the results are staggering. Please note this is not a full paint correction.

Labour 1 Day

Cost - 170.00 - 230.00 depending on vehicle size, condition and wax/sealant


         Wheels cleaned inside and out

         Wheel arches and door shuts pre cleaned

         Vehicle exterior snow foamed and left to dwell

         Badges, crevices and every nook and cranny cleaned with a soft brush and safe cleaner

         Vehicle pre washed and washed with a ph neutral shampoo and rinse

         Vehicle bodywork dried with ultra soft drying towels

         Vehicle bodywork clay barred including tar removal

Paintwork preparation

         Apply masking tape to all exterior rubbers and plastics

         Check and record paint depth readings

Machine Work

         One stage pass with machine polisher and correct compounds and pads removing most swirls marks, light scratches and paint marring.

Wax / Sealant

         Apply two layers of wax/sealant of your choice to vehicle bodywork

Dressing and exterior sealants

         Exterior rubbers and plastics enhanced and protected

         Polish exterior glass and add glass repellent

         Clean and polish exhaust


         Fully vacuum interior inc. Boot area

         Clean all plastics to a clean dust free finish

         Fully clean and re-feed all leather

         Polish all interior glass and mirrors

         Machine clean and fabric guard all floor mats

         Fully deodorised interior































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Matt did what he said he was going to do. My car looks better than what it did when I picked it up from the showroom. Thanks again Matt

Paul Samuals       Watford-Hertfordshire BMW M3      Enhancement Detail


The dealership I purchased my car from offered a protection package but after reading bad reviews online, I gave Matts protection Detail a go and Im glad I did. I also highly recommend his monthly maintenance package to keep it topped up!

Dave Eversholt Richmond-London     Audi R8             Protection Detail